What Is A Resume

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What Is A Resume ?

Everyone around is talking about the resume, bio-data, curriculum vitae and more. But what actually is an resume or CV ? Well read on so that you can add to your knowledge the basic meaning and features of a resume.

The resume is basically the short report of your skills and past experience. It is the mirror of your career so far. A resume is a brief write-up of your skills, experience and more that gives the employer a brief idea about your career all at one glance. By simply going through your resume the recruiter can judge your personality and also decide how you can be helpful for his organization.

The perfect resume is the main key to get you a job. Even though you are an excellent employ but if your resume is not saying so then you are rejected. Remember that the same resume shall not work in every job interview that you go. Your resume will keep changing depending on the job vacancy that you are applying for. Accordingly you will have to change your skills, relevant accomplishments and the duties, but remember that always be honest and please do not lie.

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